Baxter is a contemporary Italian luxury brand devoted to the highest level of detail and craftsmanship. Their products are the result of a traditional approach to all aspects of the design and manufacturing process, with a particular focus on leather. The Baxter range is now available for the first time from a dedicated location in Alexandria, in Sydney.

Alexandria may seem like an odd place for a luxury furniture destination, but Baxter Shop's new showroom location was selected for its space and the opportunity to create something a little different, to push the boundaries beyond what is typical. The interior of the space is at first glance rough and warehouse-like, but as you move through the showroom it becomes clear just how well the exposed and raw interior contrasts with the flawless leather on display. The attention to detail in the products is second to none and seems to inject any space with an element of luxury. Furniture in the Baxter range includes many classic sofa and accessory designs as well as several new, modern approaches to classic styles, such as the 'Chester Moon' sofa, 'Sellerina' aluminium armchair, and the Paris bed.